Local SEO – why is it worth it?

Local positioning, which can also be described as regional positioning, is a service dedicated to businesses that want to have comprehensive visibility in local results for all localities in the country or/and promote their offer using even several hundred phrases at the same time.

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Thanks to local positioning, you will gain customers from your area!
Local SEO is the cheapest method of acquiring customers in the long run.
Local positioning in the search engine is a way to be where your customers are!

Is your business activity focused on the local market? Do your clients mainly come from your neighborhood? Do you provide customer transport services? If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then local positioning from Verseo is a proposition for you and your business!

We were the first in our country to implement this solution using our billing model and the system of websites obtaining orders/leads.

There are industries where proximity is particularly important. Plumber, hairdresser, vulcanization, beautician, Indian restaurant, language school, travel agency, insurance agent – these are just a few examples of activities where distance matters. For entrepreneurs focused on customers in their area, we offer a local positioning service. What is local positioning? How does local SEO work in practice?

Local positioning and its specification – what is local SEO?

Search engine optimization is a complicated and multi-faceted process. Positioning is influenced by about 200 factors that determine the presence of a given website on the first page of search results for specific phrases. This translates into more traffic on the website and its better sales potential. Local positioning is distinguished by the fact that modifications within the site and linking are carried out with the aim of the best visibility in the context of search results for a given city. Google introduced changes to the algorithm that allowed for even closer linking of a locally operating businesswith search results for the city corresponding to it. In the case of local SEO, it is also important to select the right phrases, emphasizing local action – then it is the most effective positioning.

Google statistics clearly show that in the case of local inquiries mobile traffic plays a significant role and this trend is intensifying year by year. To meet the expectations of our clients who obtain traffic from mobile devices, we offer an additional service of monitoring the position achieved by a positioned website in mobile results.

Local SEO – scope of work performed

Detailed information on the work that we perform under each website positioning contract can be found on the subpage: web positioning/. The detailed scope of work for a given contract depends, among others, on the access we have received, the construction of the website, the technology in which it was made, the client’s acceptance for the work being carried out.

Local SEO Packages

Thinking about our clients who operate in their local market, we have prepared packages that are tailored to the needs of their businesses. When it comes to local business SEO, we have offers for businesses operating in larger and smaller towns, with a wider and more niche offer. If you have doubts which package and offer will be the best solution, please contact Verseo. Our specialists will present in detail the solutions available and will be happy to help you choose the optimal one.

Local SEO guide – what should you know before choosing a package?

The selected package can be used by any business operating locally, regardless of the size of the business, the city in which it operates and the industry (excluding industries where the promotion is legally prohibited or restricted), for which Google determines the results locally. Over 6 years of experience in the internet marketing market and the constantly growing team of Verseo specialists ensure that we have a way of effective positioning for every industry!

Address data on the website

Due to the changes in the Google algorithm aimed at providing people searching for local entrepreneurs with the most relevant results, it is very important to include the address on the website. It can be the headquarters, branch, shop, showroom, workshop, etc. If the address is in a small town, it might be a good idea to add a note to the address about a larger city in the immediate vicinity. If a business has branches in different cities and provides the addresses to then them it’s possible to position your business in several locations.

The size of the website

Local positioning is an offer addressed to the service sector. Websites used to present services are usually not as extensive as online stores – because they do not have to. However, this does not mean that businesses promoting services should have one page websites. Why is it not a good idea in the context of a local SEO?

This is due to the general preferences of web robots, which, based on the content posted on the website and available to them, determine for the use of the search engine “what this website is about”. The more subpages there are, the more content there is. For web crawlers such an extensive website provides more information useful to a potential customer. Against this background, a one page website appears to be poor in data about the offer and the business itself.

How to best present your offer in the context of local SEO?

Examples of good practices that effectively support phrase positioning and have a positive effect on conversions are:


Dedicated OFFER tab

It is also good if each point from the offer also has its own individual subpage. A very good idea from the SEO point of view is to create a collective OFFER tab describing the general profile of a given business and subpages dedicated to individual points from the offer. In the case of restaurants, these may be separate subpages presenting the possibility of organizing, for example, weddings, occasional parties, proms, catering for businesses, etc.


Unique text on each subpage

Duplicates are not well perceived by Google web robots, their presence slows down and hinders the process of positioning websites. The method to avoid these problems is to prepare unique, original content for each subpage “with text” and for the home page.


Friendly addresses of subpages

When creating new subpages presenting the offer in a more detailed way, it is worth taking care of friendly and concise addresses of subpages, if possible, containing a keyword characteristic for a given industry and reflecting the offer well. If the business has Roman blinds in its offer and wants to be promoted on the local market in the specific city, the URL, for example: will be a good idea for a subpage dedicated to this point from the offer and appropriate for it local query.


Text of the appropriate length

On subpages and on the home page – the importance of the content on the website cannot be overestimated. It is worth ensuring that the text is extensive, divided into paragraphs and entirely visible. The “read more” solution is not the optimal practice from the point of view of effective positioning, although it is a better solution than not posting content. Content marketing goes well with local SEO.


Use of the city name

Using the name of the city in which we want to promote ourselves and in the context of which we want to master the search results in the content published on the website.


Use of a business address

Placing the business’s address located in the city in the context of which we want to promote. It is a very unfavorable practice to include in the CONTACT tab only information about the e-mail address and telephone number, sometimes supported by an incentive to use the contact form. We understand that there are local businesses that provide on-site services. In their case, the address of the registered office is not the most necessary information in the eyes of a potential client. However, taking into account the changes in the algorithm and Google preferences in this regard, it is worth including this information on your website if you want effective local positioning and a high position among search results.


Google My Business Profile

It is worth having your profile on Google My Business. It is a tool that works especially well in the context of local businesses. It is worth noting that the account itself and presence in Google My Business do not affect positioning, and visibility there is not taken into account when collecting information about search engine positions. The purpose of this activity is to ensure good visibility of a given business on the Internet, and a Google My Business listing definitely ensures this. It also provides a lot of useful information for a potential client about the business activities.


Google Maps

The second place where our business should appear is Google Maps. Although positioning in Google Maps is not possible – Google itself decides who will be included in the results in Google Maps (we mention about it because there are many people misled and convinced that there is a Google Maps positioning service) – it is important that the presentation of our business is complete and that opinions about our business appear (e.g. let’s encourage customers to post them). This may encourage Google to present our business on a map.


Quick contact on mobile devices

The ability to quickly establish contact using mobile devices. It is worth ensuring that you can make a quick phone call without having to enter the phone number separately. This is a convenient solution that has a positive effect on the number of conversions.



Tips on how to get to the headquarters of the business are also very desirable in the context of local businesses. All information on navigation: available public transport and tips on parking spaces are a great help for potential customers and may encourage them to use the services of a given business.


Opinions posted on the site

An SEO specialist sees them as an additional source of content on the website, which can also be updated frequently (systematic adding of new opinions is a signal for web robots that something has changed within the website and it is worth visiting it again to index the changes; it may have a positive impact on the positioning process), and for a potential client, good opinions may be an additional incentive to check the offer. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to publish them on your website and allocate a separate space for these opinions from customers (OPINIONS or REFERENCES tab will be a very good solution in this case).

How long is the local SEO contract?

Regardless of the chosen package for local positioning, we always offer a contract for 12 months. We know from experience that only such a period of time allows you to feel the benefits of the positioning process. Of course, this does not mean that the positions will always appear after 12 months. It often happens that the results of positioning are visible much earlier. The speed of key phrases appearing at the forefront of results depends on many factors related to the website, phrases selected for positioning, search engine, links, cooperation between the agency and the client, etc. We do not have the same influence on all factors.

local positioning Verseo

How to choose phrases to be clearly visible on the local market?

We suggest mixing phrases: general, specific and those of the so-called long tail. This combination provides the opportunity to reach diverse customer groups and supports the positioning process. We know from experience that more complex phrases position faster and, as a result, ensure the visibility of the website even at the earlier stages of the positioning process. It is also worth remembering to add the name of the city to the keywords. Unlike the Google Ads service (formerly known as Google AdWords), the positioner cannot set the location for which the advertisement is to be displayed. Localization issues are achieved by means of appropriate data on the website itself (e.g. the CONTACT tab) and the use of the name of the city in keywords.

When choosing keywords, it is also worth taking into account that the keywords must correspond to the offer placed on the website. There is no possibility of effective positioning for phrases that do not appear in the content published on the site. This is related to the design of the search engine and the emphasis that is placed on the content.

Why do we suggest monitoring a minimum of 15 phrases?

Effective positioning ensures visibility on a virtually unlimited number of phrases related to the industry and the offer posted on the key page. This is reflected in our monitoring of the number of phrases for which a given website is displayed in the top 10 and in the top 50 results of Google. However, to meet the expectations and habits of our clients, we perform daily, detailed monitoring of the most important phrases for the client, which are included in the positioning contract. In this case, we check the items every day and put the results in a dedicated panel, to which our client has unlimited access throughout the duration of the SEO contract.
We also perform optimization work in terms of the most important keywords for a given website. A certain range of subpages is particularly important for the positioning process.
That is why we focus our optimization and linking efforts on them. We also monitor their proper operation in a special way. In case of problems with their display, availability for web robots, redirects, etc., we inform our clients about it. Problems with the proper operation of subpages or the entire website may have a definitely negative impact on positioning and the results achieved during it.

Local search engine optimization services

Would you like to know more about what we can do for your business as part of the local SEO service? Contact Verseo specialists now and order a free quote for your website!
Choose a local SEO package tailored to the needs of your business and the budget for online promotion.
If your expectations regarding the promotion on the local market differ from our package offers, please also contact us. Tell us about what your business needs and we will look for the best solution for it.

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Each client is provided with an individual positioning strategy based on his/her goals and the nature of the business.

The solutions we propose are aimed at ensuring the optimal cost-to-revenue ratio.

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