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Positioning of online stores is a specific service that often requires different techniques and strategies than in the case of standard service websites.

The experience we have gained over the years has allowed Verseo to develop an original positioning system for online stores. We focus on maximizing the potential of each online store and finding solutions to maximize profits.

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Positioning – “a must” for an online store?

Pleasant appearance, speed, intuitiveness, adaptation to mobile as well as a clear and wide product offer. These are all extremely important factors influencing the attractiveness of your online store. However, these are important things for someone who is already in your store. But how to get this someone to the store at all? One of the most interesting and effective solutions to obtain consistently high-quality traffic is the positioning of the online store.

Online stores – due to the number of subpages – are a potential source of many different and unique content, photos and internal links. They’re also great inspiration for blogging about the products or services you sell. This is a favorable situation as these are very important factors in website positioning and positioning of online stores. But how do you start ecommerce SEO?

We have some tips for you when it comes to positioning your online store:


Subpage address

Remember that the addresses of the subpages should be short, concise, and correlated with what the given subpage concerns. Briefly speaking – they are to be friendly for the search engine, robots and the user.


Take care of the content

Unique texts that refer to what is in your online store. The content should be pleasant to the potential customer, but at the same time saturated with the keywords under which you advertise the product. It is very important that the Google robot knows what a given page is about and has a chance to get it higher. Avoid duplicate content – this is detrimental to the position of the online store.


Speed ​​and mobile, you fool!

Google is more and more boldly rewarding websites and online stores that adapt to mobile devices, which means not only scaling in relation to the screen, but also loading speed. It is especially important in the positioning of online stores. The store losses users every second – longer than 5 seconds it can be up to 50% of the traffic! Google offers free tools that estimate the loading time and show you where the problems lie.



They are of great importance when it comes to SEO for e-commerce website. But most of these short ones are too busy or just too general to produce good quality traffic or a reasonable rate of return. Therefore, in the positioning of online stores, long-tail positioning is important. It is positioning for more specific queries that can, and usually do, have a higher conversion rate. It is different when someone enters the phrase “castle” in the search engine (made of sand? in the Loire Valley?) or when he/she asks the search engine about “Lego castle for a 6 year old”.


Google Search Console

Remember to add the destination address of your website and link the sitemap.xml file. GSC will allow you to catch website errors, and you will quickly react to this type of information. It is also a basic tool for monitoring traffic on the website and subpages.


Links and brand

Be sure to link to your online store from high-quality, trusted sites using brand or keywords that are important to you in terms of business.

Marketing for e-commerce – what will work?

Customers increasingly make purchases over the Internet.
Nobody can ignore this fact, who is thinking or already selling via the Internet. There are some basic ways to rock any online store. Online store positioning is important, but before we move on to it, we’ll briefly discuss some interesting and other examples.

Online e-commerce platforms e.g. Amazon or Allegro

If you run retail sales and target a larger number of transactions, sooner or later big internet shopping platforms are definitely worth getting interested in. Huge (and constantly increasing) number of users is not something many owners of web stores can afford to resign from. From the customer’s perspective such platforms are very useful due to having only one account for buying from many sellers.

Social Media

In industries such as cosmetics, clothing, electronics and jewelry, social media can be an incredible ally. Lots of brands have built their recognition through social networks and influencers. Skillful use of social media will generate significant traffic and sales on your target website. In addition, social media offers relatively good matching of customers to the promotion. Thanks to them, you interact with users and have a chance to build a real community around the brand – even a small but vibrant environment of ambassadors can resonate with hundreds and thousands of other customers who are still hesitating.

Google Ads

You need quick results. Effects that you can easily measure, compare and be able to constantly monitor? Choose Google Ads. The Google Ads advertising system offers a transparent and fair billing model for clicks. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your text or image ad and thus goes to your landing page. That’s half the battle, right? In addition to website positioning and positioning of online stores, it is the main axis of Verseo agency’s activity. Customers appreciate this type of solution due to its in-depth analytics and flexibility. Depending on the weather, calendar date, events and other factors affecting your business, you can increase or decrease the budget, as well as adapt graphic and text forms to specific needs.

Positioning the online store – e-commerce SEO services

Being high in the organic search engine results is more than justified! First of all – businesses and stores present on the first page of search inspire the trust of search engine users. According to research, in 95% of cases, searchers do not go to the other pages, so being in top10, and especially in top3, provides – depending on the positioned phrases – sometimes gigantic organic traffic. General or highly competitive phrases can – and usually are – very difficult to achieve in SEO. However, this does not mean that they must be the best and only solution. Long-tail positioning of the online store comes in handy – that is, tighter queries that potentially convert better.

Positioning an online store is a long-term process in which it is not recommended to change the phrases your business shows up for (of course, you can add new ones), and it is also not recommended to change the agency responsible for SEO or, more broadly, positioning.

This is due to the specificity of the positioner’s work, the nature of the linking strategy and, above all, the time after which the first effects can be seen. The game is worth the candle though. A well-positioned store can bring great profits only from obtaining decent positions in the search engine for previously selected phrases. Positioning an online store can therefore be safely called an investment that can and probably will bring certain benefits over time. Below you will find graphics with cases of shops and parties related to the contract with our agency.

type average budget average number of phrases % increase in traffic % increase in orders / contacts
service industry 500 12 +140% from 10 000 to 24 000 +1 120% from 10 out of 122 contacts
online store 1 000 30 +487% from 25 794 to 151 621
+3 190% from 20 to 658
+328% from 569 000 to 2 434 537

service industry 1 500 50 +465% from 935 to 5 287 +960% from 5 out to 53 contacts
online store 3 500 250 +4 619% from 1 511 to 71 314
+679% from 449 to 3500
+725% from 119 000 to 982 000

online store 5 000 500 +1 093% from 42 993 to 512931
+420% from 2 405 to 12 500
+327% 56 920 to 2 434 537

Why is it worth running an online store?

Entering e-commerce has many advantages – both for buyers and you – the sellers. You can significantly reduce the costs of running your business by operating in a virtual environment. You do not need to stock the goods, you do not have to hire additional sellers, and the sales range has basically no territorial restrictions. You also have much larger and more measurable advertising forms. What about buyers? Regardless of place, time, budget, they can make a purchase with a few clicks. It is mainly unlimited availability that causes e-commerce to dethrone other branches of retail sales.

SEO guidelines for positioning your online store

The key to the success of an online store is its online visibility, that means the presence in the Google search engine. In order to appear in high positions in the search results for a wide range of words, you should first of all take care of the correct optimization of the store, which is worth planning before the website is launched, at the design stage.

SEO for ecommerce website – basic guidelines

Building an online store begins with selecting an engine that allows full service, according to your needs. But inventory control and easy payments are not enough if you plan on doing a popular business in the search engine. When it comes to the possibility of optimization, not every platform allows full flexibility and the ability to freely change the settings or code in the template. So what should you pay attention to?


Friendly addresses

Some of the popular engines of online stores still do not allow full freedom in choosing the address of subpages. So let’s choose a platform that will allow you to give URLs the most friendly form, e.g. instead of


Title and meta description can be modified

Both of these elements represent the store in the internet search engine. The possibility of individual modification for selected keywords greatly facilitates optimization and increases the chances of success in search results.



Place for text and the ability to freely modify it, that means adding headings, tables and graphics, etc.


Mobile version

Each engine and each store template must be adapted to mobile devices.


Dynamic sitemap in XML format

Each larger store should contain a module with sitemap.xml, generated dynamically and taking into account any changes in the availability of products. A sitemap makes it easier for Google robots to navigate the site and index its content.


Access to files

When choosing an internet platform without ftp access, we can only do what the subscription allows us to do and to the friendliness of the provider’s technical support. In some cases, this solution works and, for example, if it is necessary to perform a larger number of address redirections, the cooperation takes place without reservations. Such options can certainly be considered by small businesses, not cooperating with a team of IT specialists. In the case of larger stores, a better solution will be an engine, the files of which can be accessed at any time regardless of the helpdesk’s working hours.


Security and stability

Stable platforms, resistant to hacking attempts, ensure the security of customer data and our money.

The engine is not everything

One of the most important and time-consuming elements of building a store is content preparation. Among the most common mistakes of owners is the use of ready-made descriptions provided by the manufacturer. The duplicate content created in this way may have a negative impact on positioning – Google will not promote websites that repeat information from sites already included in the index. The best solution is to prepare texts written for future customers of the store, based on their needs. Extensive content is also a chance for a greater number of key phrases on which our website will rank. It is also worth remembering that content is not only texts, but also graphic and video files.

When building an online store, it is worth taking care of the convenience of its users. Intuitive layout, interesting texts and assortment are, next to activity in social media, the best way to attract users and encourage them to share links to our website and shop!

Describing products in stores

A correctly prepared description of products in the store brings many benefits, not only from the SEO side, but also can help users make decisions while shopping.
When searching the assortment in a traditional store, the customer uses information on labels and tags, and often bases the content of his cart on a conversation with the seller. In the virtual world, all information is derived from the text on the product page.

The lack of an exhaustive description often discourages buying. To prevent this, it is enough to prepare content that will answer the customer’s questions and help him make a decision.

What are the features of a good text prepared with the customer in mind?

  1. It accurately describes the appearance and functionality of the product
  2. It contains answers to most common questions and resolves doubts about this product.
  3. It is legible – it contains headings, lists, and the technical data are presented in the table. This form of information presentation is transparent and influences the positive reception of the text.

Considering the same numbered list in terms of SEO, it is easy to see that the text written for the client and for search engine robots is basically the same:

  1. Detailed description means more space for keywords and their synonyms. The greater volume of the text also allows you to expand the range of positioned phrases with phrases from the so-called “Long tail”.
  2. There is also another item related to the “long tail”. Search engine users often ask a question directly in the search box. To better adapt the SERPs to their needs, Google has introduced Featured Snippets, highlighted (above the top10!) fragments with the answer. “Catching” and placing a properly formulated question and answer on the website is a chance to be above the competition.
  3. Google robots are great at reading html code and selecting the data it contains. And so the use of key phrases in the headings h1, h2, h3 indicates that these are the most important phrases in the website. In paragraphs that will contain the main content, keywords should be distinguished by using strong bold. Lists and tables are other elements that enrich the description and influence its reception by the search engine.

A well-prepared description requires a lot of work, but it is the right way to succeed in search results. It’s not in your interest to choose “shortcuts”, for example using product descriptions provided by their manufacturer. The more popular the product, the more likely its description will be duplicated by the competition. Google does not look very favorably on copies of content and there is a chance that subsequent duplicates will be punished with removal from the search engine’s index. To avoid penalties, we encourage you to develop your own style of creating descriptions and use it when creating content for each product available in the store.

Structured data in online stores

One of the best ecommerce SEO tips is the usage of Rich Snippets, which is another way to make your website stand out in search results, especially useful for online stores. This option allows you to put more data in the SERPs, and thus, increase click-throughs and sales revenues.

Displaying an extensive description depends on the presence of structured data on our website. Tags known as “schema” can be embedded in your code in several ways:

  • RFD
  • microdata
  • replace bullets
  • json-ld

Each of them allows you to describe individual elements within the site, especially on product pages. Thanks to, you can add information about the price, opinions expressed in the form of stars, and product availability.

With the help of tags, Google can also get familiar with the detailed features of each item in our online store’s assortment – the product type website provides tags that allow you to mark information such as – product weight, length, condition (especially useful for used items), and also the awards that the product has received.

Correctly implemented tags also allow you to display breadcrumbs instead of a link in the description of our store in the search results – e.g. ›English language› High school instead of Breadcrumbs are a type of navigation that allows users and web robots to know in which part of the website is the information they are searching for.

Unfortunately, the use of tags does not mean that Google takes them into account each time they appear in the search engine, but it may have an indirect impact on the overall rating of the website. Using Rich Snippets is not complicated, especially since the latest updates of the most popular store engines and platforms allow you to add the most important elements on the website to the code.

To test how structured data works on your site, you should use the tools provided by Google – data markup assistant. You can check the correctness of the entered data.

User generated content and positioning of online stores

Online stores, especially product cards and news or blog entries, are a great way to engage your customers to exchange insights and review the products you sell. Why is it important? Because they will partially fill your site with unique content filled with keywords you care about. If a client reviews or simply recommends “foundation” in the comments, she will likely use the word “foundation” similarly to characterize it in a way that may be valuable to niche queries. It is therefore worth remembering about a solution that will allow your customers to add their own content already at the stage of building a store. This will have a positive effect on the positioning of the online store and building community and trust around the products or services offered.

Can I position an online store for users outside of mu country?

Of course! Positioning makes sense in the markets where you want to be present now or in the future. Therefore, if you can ship goods to a given country without any restrictions – e.g. to all countries within the European Union – then it is worth considering the matter. Of course – both Google Ads (Google AdWords) as well as the positioning of websites and online stores abroad are more expensive due to the higher rates of both the work and the auctions or linking, but on the other hand some of these countries offer huge purchasing potential that can help you in the next stage of scaling sales in your online store.

Can online store positioning be done after achieving the goal?

It would be an ideal scenario, right? Unfortunately – you have to take care of the positioning of the online store constantly. Firstly, because the competition is not sleeping and also is interested in the phrases you can be displayed on. There is practically no business in the world that would not have competitors. In addition, the market is also changing, your product offer may expand or change over time. This will require updating the online store for phrases that are important to you. In addition, Google rewards pages where something “is happening” – successively adding content, optimizing subpages, collecting links – if this type of activities stop, then you can expect declines in favour of your competitors who will continue their SEO campaigns.

Do you want to know more to understand why positioning of online stores is so important to achieve success? Check out our blog, where we discuss many issues related to this and other methods of effective advertisement and SEO e-commerce strategies.

Daria Nawrocka
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