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Verseo takes your campaign effectiveness to the next level. In addition to machine learning-based optimization, we introduce to our offer the ability to protect Google Ads campaigns against clicking the budget by competitors or bots – Click Fraud. Our tool will block IP addresses that show increased and non-converting activity related to your advertising campaigns.

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Anti Click Fraud – what is it?

Click Fraud, in the era of increasing competition in almost every field, is an increasingly widely used method of generating false clicks. These types of fraudulent practices make your Google Ads campaign budget pointless. You spend money on clicks that have no further effect. It is quite common – especially in certain industries.

At Verseo, we decided that customers should also be protected against this practice, especially since – depending on the budget – it can cause losses of up to several thousand dollars a month. Therefore, we implement a tool that monitors campaigns and traffic flow. By simplifying the procedure of connecting the tool to a specific campaign, we have managed to reasonably optimize the cost, which makes the service we offer – compared to the savings achieved – very cost-effective.

Anti Click Fraud – Just a Search Engine?

Our Click Fraud detection tool works not only for ads displayed in the Google search engine, but also for display ads – those displaying banners on websites of Google partners. It is an invaluable tool to spend your budget even more effectively.

Our tool has a number of functionalities.

It assesses the potential risk of fraudulent clicks, taking into account the industry and campaign type. In addition, you can define for yourself how long and how often you want to exclude fraudulent clicks.

You can also check the movements of individual users and filter out additional fake entries. After Verseo configures the optimal parameters, the system itself will block the IP from which traffic with the same pattern comes from, as well as automatically forward all comments to Google Ads with a request for a refund of wrongly used funds.

Case Study

Below is an example of a scale of savings for 4 months, in the period August 12 – December 12

Average CPC of the Verseo campaign 2,76 EUR
Clicks saved 592
Savings 1576,20 EUR

Monthly, our tool blocked 150 clicks worth ~ 375 EUR. Of course, b2b services – which we provide – are always characterized by a lower frequency of searches. Nevertheless, the use of the tool was profitable. The price list is as follows:

Price list

Google Ads budget up to 500 EUR up to 2 500 EUR up to 6 250 EUR up to 25 000 EUR over 25 000 EUR
Monthly subscription 50 EUR 100 EUR 166 EUR 333 EUR individually

The system monitors campaigns 24 hours a day, so it does not matter when a human or bot attacks with false clicks. What is equally helpful, we do not have to link the entire account to the system, but only selected campaigns.

Martyna Mikołajczak
Product Designer

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