There’s no doubt – in the Web, data is power. And we’ve got the power as we are the masters of data analysis.

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Look at the wide range of possibilities
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Optimization strategies

Profit from over 50 algorithms that adjust activities
to business goals.

  • Income maximization based on the budget
  • Conversions maximization based on the budget
  • Traffic maximization based on the budget
  • CPA
  • ROAS
  • Maintaining the position at the lowest possible cost
  • Mix of strategies

Ads formats

Use ad formats that will be the best for your potential client:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Responsive
  • App promotion ads
  • Product Feed
  • Rich Media

Feed management

Easily configure your product feed with the advanced tools:

  • introducing changes in product feed parameters (e.g. title, description, product type)
  • correcting errors in parameters using feed rules
  • configuring custom labels to improve the structure of the product feed (e.g. sorting products by price)

Web Analytics

Make sure your your data is correctly collected. There are many benefits of properly set up analytics:

  • knowing where the valuable traffic that meets the goals is coming from
  • understanding how user behavior is related to the client’s business goals (increasing sales/getting more leads)
  • easier determination which part of the website (group of subpages) is more attractive to users or meets the target (e.g. conversions) with greater effectiveness
  • grouping users to find those most frequently converting or achieving other goals
  • identifying bottlenecks within the purchase funnel stage better analysis of channels participating in the purchasing process, which directly improves budget allocation


Control the marketing budget, plan and forecast the potential changes in the cost / income relation:

  • Advanced control and planning the budget
  • Forecasting the budget and income/orders
  • Control over multiple advertising accounts
  • Planning seasonality and marketing activities