Content Marketing Guide

Added on September 16, 2022

Content Marketing Guide

In every area of life, the most difficult thing is… To start.

You have a plan in mind. You’re gonna start “on Monday”, get up in the morning, make yourself a coffee, roll up the sleeves and hit the ground running. Will it work? For sure! You’ve thought it through well. A month later, the concept has changed a bit, and you are actually glad that nothing has been started yet.

Another six months pass by.

It is very similar when it comes to Content Marketing. Many companies think about it intensively, plan to implement the first activities, regularly deliver content to their recipients, and operate in various channels, but often they do not know where to start.That’s where we come to the rescue!

Who’s this guide for?

This guide was created to make it all easier. We have included all tips on the process of creating a content marketing strategy that will support your business in various channels (blog, social media, email marketing, etc.) as well as tips on content creation and distribution. It’s perfect for marketing beginners and more advanced ones.

What Can you find in this Content Marketing Guide?

  • How to create content marketing strategy
  • How to build content on websites and blogs
  • Content Marketing on social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms
  • What NOT to do in Content Marketing?
  • And much more!


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