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What is a Keyphrase?
What Is a Keyphrase?
Magda Walczak

The keyphrase is one of the key concepts related to search engine positioning – the proper selection of phrases and […]

YouTube positioning
Positioning on YouTube
Magda Walczak

The internet is constantly changing. Platforms are born, grow in popularity, and die, replaced by more modern channels that are […]

Combining Advertising Channels
Case Study: The Benefits of Combining Advertising Channels
Maciek Popiołek

Today we’re looking at a store which outsourced its advertising to us since the day of its launch. It’s been […]

Google Ads or SEO – What to choose?
Maciek Popiołek

Google Ads or SEO – what to choose to increase profits? Eternal question! Google ad or website positioning? Which strategy […]