Our actions


The website audit has become the basis for determining further actions, preparing a website optimization and linking strategy. The client indicated only the element of his offer, which he wanted to promote the most.


We combined the optimization of the website with its rebuilding, and took care of the right amount of unique content saturated with keywords. Previously, the website had too few texts, this was especially visible on the homepage.


Developing a linking strategy based on the website audit and adding valuable links to the website.


Positioning activities resulted in 12 phrases in the top 10 Google.pl (0 was the starting point), including 8 phrases, which reached the top 3. According to Semrush, 56 phrases related to the client’s website are in the top 10 of Google.pl (before the start of positioning work, Semrush indicated 2). The number of visits to the website from organic results has significantly increased – from 317 to 350 (+1995).

Increase in traffic on the website by