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AdBook 2022 – The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide – Free E-book!

Digital Marketing e-book

Four years ago Verseo published its first comprehensive digital marketing guide – AdBook 2018. In the marketing world, such a period of time is considered as an entire millenium. The possibilities offered by digital advertising today are incomparably wider and richer than they were a few years ago. However, the multitude of available solutions sometimes can lead to a confusion – which channels are best to invest in?

Therefore, together with the experienced Verseo dream-team, we decided to once again collect our know-how and share the knowledge we gained. During our marketing journey we have been working with both smaller and larger clients from various industries. The result is a completely new guide in which we focus on how to conduct marketing today. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is – the latest AdBook – AdBook 2022.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

What Does AdBook 2022 – Digital Marketing Guide – Consist Of?

Adbook 2022 contains over 100 pages full of digital marketing tricks enriched with charts, infographics and other useful pieces of data. In the guide, you will find tips on all the most popular methods of brand promotion on the Internet. All tips are based on our vast marketing experience and real clients, real cases and real campaigns.

All information is presented in a transparent form, so that you can easily delve into the world of online marketing. 

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What else can you find in the Adbook? A comprehensive overview of marketing channels, case studies of our campaigns and other activities, advice on how to increase conversion and optimize marketing projects, proven tips, figures and much, much more. This guide is only facts and straightforward recommendations – no fillers, no flowery descriptions, and no pointless information. If you are looking for a guide that will show you the possibilities of digital marketing and provide you with proven and up-to-date knowledge – this one will meet your expectations.

AdBook 2022 – Online Marketing Powers Combined

Adbook 2022 was created by our specialists from various fields of expertise and external partners with whom we have had the pleasure to work more than once – Freshmail and Landingi.

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You can download AdBook 2022 here. Read, implement and increase your profits. It pays off!

Digital Marketing Guide

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